Below Are A Collection Of Articles Detailing The Attacks And Affronts Against The Catholic Church, More Will Be Added Over Time:

The Soul-Sickness Of The Modern Church

Heaven’s Request For Reparation To The Holy Face of Jesus

Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Catholic Church

The Bugnini File: A Case Study In Ecclesial Subversion

Communism and The Evolution of the “Errors of Russia”

Liberation Theology on the Move in the United States

World Revolution and Diabolical Disorientation

Fatima: The Vatican Moscow Agreement

Traditionalism Vs. Modernism

The Liturgical Revolution Before Vatican II

Beyond the Death of God

Modernist Tactics

Moscow’s Assault on the Vatican

The Pact of Metz

Liberals, Modernists and Progressivists

Mama’s Manifesto: Why The Revolution Would Destroy The Family First

Modernism in a Nutshell

The Oath Against Modernism Betrayed

Feminism: Russia’s Deadly Weapon
 Against the Family

The Seeds of Revolution

The Catholic Notion of Beauty

Culture of Vice

The Challenge of Secularism

New Nature of the Liturgy 

Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Narcissism and the Dynamics of Evil

The Secret of La Salette

Freemasons And The Conciliar Church

Atheism Doesn’t Make Sense

Is Humanism Enough

Facts For Freethinkers And Modern Seekers of God

The Existence of God

Religion Is An Opiate

Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine

Are They All Wrong?

The Catholic Church and Reason, Part 1

The Catholic Church and Reason, Part 2

Cardinal Ottaviani and the Council

Letter from Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci to Paul VI

Why Do You Love Decay? The 50th Anniversary of Vatican II

The Masterminds of Vatican II Part I: The Master Plan; Role of Freemasonry

The Masterminds of Vatican II Part II: Implementing the Master Plan

15 Heresies and the Manly Saints Who Fought Them

An Open Letter to Confused Catholics

An Open Letter to the Church Renouncing my Service on I.C.E.L.

Declaration Against The New Mass

Liturgical Counter-Revolution: The “Hushed” Case of Fr. Calmel

Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement

How Atheism Kills Freedom

The Sanity of Catholicism

Vatican Council II: The Great New Approach

The Unholy Trinity of Modern Errors: Naturalism, Rationalism and Liberalism

Modern Ecumenism Is A Fraud

A Catholic Philosophy of Economics: The Seven Principles of the New Radicalism

Catholic and Freemasonry

Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement

Christendom and Revolution

Reflections On The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita

Papacy and Freemasonry

Modern Secularism: Faith And Unfaith In The Modern Age

What’s So New About The “New Age Movement”?

The Path To Restoration Of The Faith

“Conciliar or Catholic”

The Communist Control Of The Mind

The Unholy Trinity And the New World Order

Vatican Council II: The Great New Approach

“We’ve Had Enough”

Communism As I Know It

Escape from Nihilism

Know That Prayer Can Convert Russia

1974 Declaration Of Archbishop Lefebvre

Attacks on Thomism

Revolution Revealed: The Triumph of Modernism and the End of the Traditional Catholic Church (Part I)

Revolution Revealed The Triumph of Modernism and the End of the Traditional Catholic Church (Part II)

“Salesianizing” The Traditional Catholic Movement: The Honey Of Humility and Kindness

 St. Philomena: Wonder-Worker Patron Saint Ot The Traditional Roman Catholic Movement

Padre Pio and the Freemason


Antiquated Modernists: Why Modernists Are The Dinosaurs

Universal Catholic Apostasy Predicted

Pascendi Exposes Modernist Tactics

The Condemnation of Modernism

Modernism: The Synthesis of All Heresies

Modernism – A Catholic Refutation

The Jurisdiction Of The Bull Quo Primum Of Pope Saint Pius V

The Man Behind The Novus Ordo Liturgical Curtain: What Every Catholic Should Know About Annibale Bugnini

The Destruction of Catholic Faith Through Changes in Catholic Worship

What About those Six Protestants and the New Mass?

Freemasonry and The American Ideal

Modern Secularism: Faith And Unfaith In The Modern Age

The Infiltration of Modernism In The Church

How The Liturgy Fell Apart: The Enigma Of Archbishop Bugnini

The Novus Ordo:The Reasons Why We Resist

Bella Dodd: From Communist to Catholic