Mission Statement

Sacrifice Of The Mass4

There comes a time in ones life when a stand is to be taken for what is believed in. It is for this reason that brought about this particular web site of mine.

As a Roman Catholic, I have grown more and more perturbed over the years seeing the Church come under attack both from without and especially from within.

Christ established His Church as the means by which all could seek and gain the grace and redemption of God. Unfortunately, just as Christ had enemies during His life, His Church has had enemies throughout Her history, including and most especially during these tumultuous times.

Where as my Saintland site is focused upon more the prayerful, meditative and reflective aspect of the Catholic Faith, this site is dedicated to helping to expose and reveal the insidious nature of the enemies of Christ and of His Church.

The primary enemy of the Church at this time has been that of Modernism.

Modernism is a heresy which seeks to corrupt the very essence of the teachings and practices of the Church, so as to destroy that which Christ established and lead all astray from the love, peace and joy of God.

Put succinctly,¬†Modernism is grounded within the Luciferianism “you can be like God”, or better yet, “do what thou wilt” philosophical approach.¬†It is counter to Christ, counter to the teachings of the Church and thus we find ourselves within the midsts of a great spiritual and temporal warfare for the minds, hearts and souls of so many.

Pope St. Pius V declared, “All the evils of the world are due to the lukewarm Catholics.”

I, for one, certainly do not want to be counted as one who is lukewarm in terms of adherence to faith in Christ and in love of His Church.

We must rally around Christ and His Church and hold fast to Her immutable teachings and perpetual form of worship.

We must reject Modernism!